Thursday, July 24, 2014


今天我想试试用华语来表达心情。我的孩子们对这个语文没有太大的兴趣。不明白为什么会这样,因为我和丈夫都是用华语表达的,家里的其他成员 (我的妈妈,家婆家)也如此。 我跟他们说华语,他们总是用英语回复我,连年纪最小的孩子没满两岁也一样。我从他一出世,便跟他说华语,但他却喜欢说英语。我得到的结论是 -》他们没有太多跟这个语文接触的平台。

之后,我便在家里把有可能接触到的语言平台从英语改成华语, 如书籍,车里所收听的电台等。他们开始反抗,但慢慢地,在我的引导下,他们让步了,也开始接纳这个对他们陌生既熟悉的语言。我很能体谅他们这种心情,因为要学两种语文毕竟不容易。可是我告诉他们要是他们现在放弃了,长大后,更加困难。我国是以英语为主的,没有太多的机会去听华语。



Anonymous said...

I must admit it took me a while to read your post in Chinese! That shows how terrible I am with this language! I try to immerse my daughter in the Chinese language too..with great difficulty. Lots of perseverance and patience without trying to look like Mama's just forcing the language down on her. :P

The Singapore Writing Homemaker said...

Yes, I wrote this article out of passion for the language and to provoke thoughts. My children are losing it even though my husband and I both took Chinese as our first language and our family speaks it often. :(

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