Saturday, July 19, 2014

Restaurants to recommend

Dinner is yummy at the Madrinaa Pizza & Pasta at Queen's Road. 

We always love this restaurant as there is plenty of space for children to run around before or after the dinner and it's safe. 

The children just discovered that they could see the chef baking from outside.

There is also another famous restaurant in Queen's Road - the Westlake restaurant. It is a Chinese restaurant which serves delicious "Kong Ba Bao", a kind of bun which wraps stewed fatty pork inside. 

My helper again impresses me with her creation skill of transforming cloth napkins into "banana" napkin. She had learnt it from her cousin in Philippines. I am proud of myself but I do think that life is unfair. She is so skillful and better than I am but God has chosen her to be a maid. But I'm happy for her that she is happy to be with us. Thank you Michel! 

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