Thursday, July 24, 2014


I just dropped my third son off to school. As always, this is the most relaxed moment of my day, thanks to my helper, staying at home, tending to my youngest. 

As I was driving on the road approaching my destination - the supermarket, I saw a traffic police by the road on my left taking some notes with a motorcyclist. 

This gives me an inspiration to write about enforcement. Singapore has many rules in place to protect citizens. Similarly, I have some rules at home, we all have. Over the years, I have been struggling with keeping these rules with my kids. They never seem to listen, simply because I am not a strict mum or consistent. I believe and trust that they should self regulate and learn from their own consequences of their actions. They will be listening very well for a while but then slipped into their own mode. I questioned myself if I should be patient and let them. They will not learn and deteriorate till I remind them of the rule. They won't resist my reminder but the cycle repeats itself, starting with a very good listening, slip and then reminder. How strange? Humans never learn? Or is it the individual personality? My four children are different, two of them do not do through this cycle as much as the other one. I'm still observing my youngest. 

But what does it mean for running a society full of different personalities ?Hard

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