Monday, July 28, 2014

Kindness in Adventure Cove

Yesterday was Hari Raya in Singapore. There were plenty of people in Adventure Cove. Everywhere you go, there was a queue. It was a long queue at the carparks, a long queue at the taxi stands and a long queue at the lift. It was a long queue for our food.

I only had S$50 in my hand. The rest was locked away in the Cove's locker. Unfortunately, I ordered for more than I had! It would have been easy for me to run to the locker and get my money but a kind soul named Chang offered to pay for me first. He was not afraid at all! That I would run off with my food without paying him back even though we didn't know each other. 

I was very impressed and very grateful by his kind act. It was not only because of his deed but also because he was young. The youngsters in Singapore are kind! I am very heartened by this. 

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Thank you Chang Wonder! I am sure you had great fun with your gang! 
Kindness in Singapore, Kind People
Chang Wonder is the kind soul wearing pink shorts.
Let's celebrate his kindness displayed ! 

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