Saturday, July 26, 2014

Mummies Playdate

I was running out of ideas for writing until evening time. I gathered with some mummies for a "playdate". It was a long time since I had any gathering with friends. Call me "anti-social", but it is true, I am getting lazy to meet new people. Thanks to Ana Carrera, the hosting lady, I had a chance to do it again. Well, mums are the busiest humans on earth! But I am so glad to have a social gathering like this, not only to "vent" our frustrations but also to share ideas and news. We talked about everything from recipes, where to go, restaurants, to-do list, marathons, being the "Maria" at home,  missing planes, children's tricks and how mums should react, rainbow looms craze and lots!

The particular restaurant which Ana recommended was Nox. It offers a unique fine dining experience in the dark at Arab Street, Beach Road. This is the link for easy reference ->  Nox - Dine in the Dark

Ana described it as a unique mind-altering sensory experience with great food. It costs about S$80 per pax.

Michelle shared about the Observatory to gaze the Stars at Science Centre which happened every Friday.

Opening hours and details of the observatory can be found here : -> Science Centre Stargazing Observatory

You could also check details on its blog at Science Centre Observatory Blog

As we were talking, I shared that I would like to try the new marine park at the sisters' island with the children. 

Though the park is only slated to be completed in 2015, NParks and other nature groups will be organising twice monthly group visits to the islands starting next month.
Members of the public can join the guided walks subject to weather and tidal conditions.
There are no plans to charge for these tours as of yet.
Those who are interested can sign up online at Sisters Islands Marine Park as places are limited to 15 people per visit.
Well, life is so good with friends who are mums like me ! Three cheers!

Thanks for reading! 

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