Thursday, July 17, 2014

Play at Forum

The play with my youngest was full of interaction because there were many children. 

My youngest stepped into the playground with his toy taxi being snatched by another toddler. I watched as I pondered if I should be firm and take the toy back from the toddler. It ended that he was firmer than I was and he walked around the playground chasing after the boy. I observed to see what the boy's mother would do.  The boy's mother discovered and only upon second time, she acted and gave it back to my son. 

The other encounter was rather interesting as it related to the topic on the "art of sharing" which I wrote earlier. A bigger European boy wanted the same toy taxi from me. But this time round my little one had already not played with the toy. Should I share? I had the experience of losing toys to kids who promised they would give back. And this is a toddler. I decided to. He had fun playing with it but lost it at a corner of the playground. I took a while before I could find it and kind of felt regretful of my decision to share.  However, I realized I won a friend when the boy's mum tried to stop his son snatching some balls from my son. I was so appreciative of that! Kindness begets kindness, the beauty of sharing.. 

While we were outside Early Learning Centre, I saw xiaxue, the famous Singaporean blogger walking towards me. She looked like she knew I would know her. Seeing I have little reaction, she looked pleased. 

Wow, it's not easy to be a "celebrity". I thought. Maybe I should have asked her for some autographs. ;)

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