Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sand Sculpture in Adventure Cove

This is the first time I have seen a sand sculpture in Adventure Cove. Well, Adventure Cove is pretty new and we always love the place so it is an eye opener to see a piece of art right in the middle of the sports and action. 

Sand Sculpture in Adventure Cove Singapore
It takes 4 days to complete a sand sculpture like this
I spoke to Leuven, the staff standing beside the sculpture and he humbly told me that the creator of this art is a team of three (him, Ian and Glenise), Ian being the primary sculptor. He also told me that this is something that the team will be exploring for the resort in the near future. A piece of news for families exploring the resort. :)

He started to share with me the process of making the sculpture. The sand sculpture does not lasts if it rains, which is a pity. He also mentioned that part of the sculpture had already been destroyed even though I hardly noticed anything. He humbly told me that they were amateurs without sculpting tools whatsoever. 

To my surprise, he explained that the process is simple. You pile up a mount of sand as base. Then you start pouring big tubs of water on it. After that, you make another sand pile with a mould like this. 

Pour in 1 tub of water and you can start your sculpting. It's that easy and fun! 

Watch the process in a smaller version with a simple cup. 

Step 1:

Put sand into the mould

Step 2:

Fill sand to the brim

Step 3: 
Pour a bottle of water into the sand

Step 4: Sculpt your mould and you are done!

There are plenty of sand sculpture activities in East Coast but never in Adventure Cove. My children love sand and water and I want to share it with anyone who also has the same passion to learn sand sculpting.

It is such a creative art and very beautiful. 

Thanks for reading!

Have a great day!

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