Thursday, July 24, 2014

Siloso Beach

One of the most beautiful places in Singapore must be the beaches in Sentosa. I love the serenity and calm of Sentosa off the main island. Sentosa beaches are quieter compared to East Coast as you need to pay to go onto the island.

For information on Sentosa charges, check it out here ->  Getting to Sentosa

Siloso Beach Sentosa Singapore

Today I have the morning off errands so I decide to take my youngest to the beach for some time alone. 

As always, the Siloso beach tops my choice. It has a quiet water play area beside the beach. The shade in the morning by the beach gives me one more reason why I should go there.

Siloso Beach Sentosa Singapore

This picture shows noontime but the water near to the beach is still shaded. 

Siloso Beach Sentosa Singapore

Look at this. It's already 1148am but my youngest could still play. 

Siloso Beach Sentosa Singapore, Water Play Area
The water play area by the beach

I like the water area here because it is not crowded. Palawan beach has one water playground which is busier. I bring the children there if I want a change in the venue. 

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