Friday, July 25, 2014

Singapore Common Bugs

This post shares the common bugs discovered in Singapore. 

More photos of the beautiful bugs will be added as we discover more. 

These are found in the vicinity of our house.  

Singapore Common Bugs - Grasshopper
This grasshopper was discovered in the bathroom and we fed it salad before releasing it to the nature. We noticed that it enjoyed its salad meal more as compared to the leaves.

Singapore Common Bugs
We do not have any idea the name of this bug but we observe that it has an unusual pattern lining the side. The actual size of the bug is only 1mm. The picture is highly zoomed in.

Singapore Common Bugs
This looks like a caterpillar which we found in the garden downstairs

Below were discovered on 10 August 2014 in a leaf litter in Botanic Gardens. All three bugs measure 1 to 2mm in length. 

An ant this big is rarely to be seen in the vicinity of our house. That is why we need to document it. It was spotted under the leaf litter and was running very fast as we tried to capture a picture on the camera.

This bug is likely to feed on wood or related to wood louse. It was found on a tree trunk. 

This was the tree where the location of the leaf litter was

Discovery of the bugs is credited to Dale Teyu. 

Spider found near our house, beautiful white in colour

Slug, France, Lyon, bugs
This slug was spotted in the town of Lyon in France in Jun 2016

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