Thursday, July 17, 2014

Why I start blogging?

I have been a homemaker since 2005. That has been an awesome 9 years! 

With my youngest growing up fast and my helper who has been a big help around, I felt like I'm at a "crisis" stage - "What's in for me?" . "What am I going to to do next?" I ask God. This is a common question for all stay at home mums. I observe. But God as always is miraculous. 

He brought me back as if to day one when I left my comfortable job to try venturing into business and then ended up as a full time mum. I decided to write. In fact, I did start a blog in year 2008. But it has no posts. Till now. How amazing?

It has to take 6 years for me to start writing. Maybe it's God's preparation work for me, or it's my own procrastination for being such a techie dummy. 

I'm still exploring and is not sure where this would lead me to but I know it is my calling for now.

Have a nice day ! :)

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Angelia said...

Thanks for popping by and leaving your pen print and sharing my post. I also started out blogging with gusto but realised it's difficult to keep up the intensity in last Nov. Who knows? I've been blogging for a year now! And lovin it! Now my momentum is once a week and more if I can. No pressure, just pleasure. : ) Have fun and enjoy God's blessings from blogging!

The Singapore Writing Homemaker said...

Thanks Angelia! Just pleasure, no pressure.. I like the quote! :)

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