Thursday, August 21, 2014

5 Tips To Ignite Your Mum Blogging Passion

I am in the second month of blogging. As I read and discover new blogs everyday, I notice that I am getting less and less productive with creating new content. Struggling to balance the needs of my family and the bloggers, my blog posts start to dwindle from one article per day to three articles a week, then two and then one per week. 

It went back up in the end and I thought I share a few tips which ignited my passion so you might benefit ? 

1. Remember your initial purpose

I never forget why I started this blog. There could not be anything more inspiring for me than my children. As a mother, I remember Why I start Blogging?

If you are a writer, remember your initial purpose.

2. Validity to write 

I have discovered many good blogs over the last two months and I know there are plenty more out there for me to discover. Some are parenting and some are not but for all, I am thankful. For behind each story, I hear a voice. A voice that cries out for someone's attention.

My children cry for my attention everyday. We all need a little bit of love and attention. That is perfectly alright.

3. Don't forget your readers

Looking at my readers is so important because I want to keep in touch with them. Writing this blog helps me to do it.

Your readers love you and want to hear more from you. Write something so they could read. 

4. Look at God

I am not preaching but this has to be one of the ways I keep my passion going. Pray! 

5. Believe in yourself 

As I try to get some sense out of why I should write, I have to believe in myself. Even if it's not the best idea, sharing an experience could help another feel like they are not alone. 

Thanks for reading. Hope these easy to remember tips could lift a day of your passion. 

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Christy Wong said...

I love blogging but at times I do encounter writer's block or when motherhood gets overwhelming, blogging takes a back seat. Knowing your own purpose of blogging is so important because ultimately it brings you back to why you blog and makes sure you do not lose focus. Welcome to the blogging world! I have another SG blog to check out now :)

The Singapore Writing Homemaker said...

Yes me too. It's challenging enough to be a mum. Now I discover that writing is fun only if I read other blogs but yet still stay focused with being myself. I am thankful for a new found friend like you!

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