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Review Of Singapore Local Wet Market

Shopping at a wet market in Singapore has never been too difficult for me. I have been a homemaker for over 9 years so sharing a few of those which I have visited could be a great idea. (Tell me if you like at the end :))

I learnt the art of buying at a wet market from my mother. I used to stay in the Queenstown area so naturally, the nearest wet market at Meiling Street made sense. My mother showed me which stall at this market offered the best in terms of price and quality. I got lost in the beginning but eventually became better. Which stall should I choose? Does it offer the best price? How do I cook with the items I bought were often questions which lingered on my head. However, the kind stall holders shared many good tips when I bought from them. For a freshie like me then, there was plenty to learn. I also noticed that most stall owners recognized me by the second time I visited them. Sometimes they would pause and call out to me from a distance. I had an experience in which a fishmonger remembered me after I bought from him just once. 

A Busy Shop Selling Dry Goods in Meiling Wet Market

Over time, I have also learnt that different wet markets in Singapore offer different prices and even food quality. My husband used to quip, "Just buy from the one closest to us! The petrol which you use to travel to another market would cost more." I tried to do it but I noticed that the price difference could be quite big. I have a total of 7 to 8 people in my household (well, 4 of them are children) but monthly, I could spent easily S$400 to S$600 just on fresh food alone, excluding the times when I entertain guests. The Farrer market at Queens Road sells fresh food (comparable to Tiong bahru market, which I will write a bit more later on) but the prices are steep. The white promfret sold in this market could cost S$20 to S$25 as compared to the same one at the Meiling wet market which costs only S$11. Vegetables in the Farrer Market are also fresher but almost twice the price you pay at the Meiling Street market.  

It is a very popular market as it is nestled in an estate of HDB and landed houses. I decided that I will only market there if I need something in a hurry or run out of time. For regular marketing, I still buy from Meiling street market. My neighbour does the same at the Ang Mo Kio market where she used to live. 

You can get very fresh food from the popular wet market at Tiong Bahru. I like the fish stalls in the Tiong Bahru wet market, but I need to get up early to get the best. The cheaper and good fishes will be sold out by 8 or 9am. Prices of the fishes are reasonable. I notice however that the pork stall sells pork loin at S$13/kg to S$14/kg but the one at Meiling Street sells at S$11/kg (approx figure) in the same season. If you have to travel to it just to get your daily freshies, it might not be worth the trip. That's why I visit it when I host guests and have to cook at home. I love to prepare the best fresh fishes for my guests. Travelling a bit further is worth it.

I also have a brief experience to buy at Holland Village wet market (the one next to the carpark). It is a very quiet wet market with few stalls. In the beginning, I was impressed by the stall selling pork. After a few trips, I notice that she does not like to disclose the itemised prices for me so I stop visiting her. I like to get my fruits there as they are fresh. Their prices are comparable to those sold in the Cold Storage. They also sell fruits such as cherries, blueberries, strawberries and blackberries which the expatriates love. However, I won't make a special trip to do my weekly marketing.  

I have heard a lot about Tekka market but have never done my marketing there. It is such a popular market for my expatriates friends. I visited the Sheng Siong in Tekka in the past and my experience was fantastic. Loads of fresh food and great pricing. Only a bit too far off from where I stay now.

I update my weekly shopping at my wet market blog at Singapore Wet Market.

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