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UK Farm Agro Resort

Our post on "How To Get Away In A Group Of 14 For Less Than SGD1000" ended at the mini-zoo.


Bringing a solar power bank to charge your mobile phone is a must if you are on the move and depend on your mobile like me. 

As I was about to snap more photos,  I realized that the battery on my hand phone was going flat. Luckily, we had one.


The resort bus was very airy and had enough seats for everyone. It added pleasure to our overall resort experience.


We proceeded to our first stop at the goat feed processing centre where a man explained to us how the goat feed was being processed on the farm. Being city dwellers, we were impressed by the machines and his detailed explanation.  


At the goat pen, the best part for the children was the milk feeding of the goats' young. The children were also allowed to hold and carry the gentle kids. It was an amazing experience and the time allowed for us to enjoy the activity was very sufficient. 


Our next station was the goat milk processing centre where we watched how the goats were being milked. My 2 year old was not particularly impressed and wanted to go into the area where the man was conducting his demonstration. 


At the end of the session, we were given a little of the processed goat's milk for tasting. It had a strong pungent taste which I did not fancy. 

From the guide, we understood that the goat's milk has excellent nutritional value and is highly digestible for infants. Goats had also not been known to spread diseases to humans. Their milk and related products were thus deemed very safe for use or consumption. However, we observed that the price for goat's milk was actually much higher than that of cows. 

At 300ml, goat's milk cost SGD 4 equivalent while a liter cost SGD 10. In comparison, 2 litres of cow's milk cost only SGD 6 in Singapore. 


The grand goat parade is one which was not to be missed. Before we departed, we watched the goats move back from the field to the pen. It was very grand and an eye-opener for us indeed! 


We moved next to the Ostrich Park and Jakun Village. The children had a great time with the ostriches. They were welcomed by friendly and hungry ostriches which they could feed and touch. 

The Jakun village was next to the Ostrich Park. In it, we saw an animal trap. We also saw a tree house, swings hanging from the tree branches and Malay attap houses which the children enjoyed playing in. The weather was good and the village was shaded. We were really lucky!


Our next stop was to the tropical arcade where we enjoyed refreshing coconut drinks. Each coconut cost SGD 2 equivalent and was a great treat in the warm humid climate. Look! How many coconuts did we order? The shops in the fruit arcade also sold goat milk toiletries, passion fruit products and goat milk coffee.

At 2 o'clock, we left ostrich park to reach the mushroom farm. By then, we were exhausted. The children with boundless energy continued to move forward while I looked around for interesting things to share. 

I particularly liked this poster which was handmade and gave clear instructions of what was going on on the mushroom farm. It had a wishing tree, a mushroom and vegetable house, a tree house which was slightly different from the one in Jakun village and a restaurant which we could have lunch.

In the mushroom farm, the children loved the swing and treehouse the best. As we were so hungry and exhausted, we did not explore much here except for the treehouse in the picture above. 


Back at the ticketing booth, yummy muffins and ice cream gratified our empty stomachs.

Even though we had such an enriching tour of the UK Farm Resort, all of us could not wait for our next station to Zenxiu Organic Farm for the steamboat. 


I would like to cover Zenxin Organic Farm next time we travelled there but you did not miss much for this day-trip as we managed only to see most of UK Farm Agro Resort, a little of Zenxin Organic Farm and some of Gunung Lambak Hill. 

1. Do one destination only if you want to be extensive for each destination. As you can probably see, the UK Farm Agro Resort was packed with activities suitable for young children. You would not want to hurry yourself so that the pace is too fast for the children. In our case, we did not complete the mini-zoo and archery, pony rides and horse cart riding on UK Farm Agro Resort. 

We were exhausted by the time we reached the Zenxin Organic Farm. We were told there were many activities on that farm but we did not have the time to do. We went there mainly to eat, fish and cycle. In Kluang, I would also love to visit Eco Farm Resort, another family friendly resort. 

Make sure you plan and take the time to visit each destination. You may wish to consider staying overnight.  

2. Climbing the Gunung Lambak was not advisable for families with young children as the route was steep and proper gears needed to be worn. 

3. Most of the tour explanation were conducted in Mandarin. The guides could easily converse with us in English. If you want English explanation, I suggest you call the resorts beforehand. 

4. Check the weather. A rainy season would definitely reduce the outdoor fun. And don't forget your shades, hats, sunblock and mosquito repellants (although I did not notice mosquitoes even without applying it for this trip).

5. Bring along a solar power bank to charge your mobile phone as described above.

6. I have left a few links within the post for you to check out the resorts. In case I leave out any pertinent information, you are welcome to leave me a comment. I will try to help. 

Happy travelling and hope you could share! Thanks for reading!  


about LeEcHoO said...

we brought the kids to kahang eco farm last yr for day trip.
they love it!

The Singapore Writing Homemaker said...

Yes, I would love to try it sometimes ! but now is SA2 moment.. stressful ;)

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