Wednesday, September 24, 2014

An Ordinary Day Made Extraordinary By Playing

In "Everything Beautiful", these wonderful moments of kids playing must go into the blog. 

While I did not know what value it would bring to the readers by sharing these experiences, it could be just that we hope it is inspiring. It is true that parenting young kids with adult schedule could be daunting 
(especially when I have so much on my plate to handle and the children have to follow my routine). But moments like this leave behind beautiful memories as I juggle four kids daily with God's given strength. 

Today is fun, fun, fun and play play play. Playdate, park and kids' friendly restaurant.

My third child had a wonderful time with his friend. My youngest joined in too. Playdates and play made us "high". Friends. Mother nature. Presents from Heaven. 

The kids played "Jump Jump" on the bed, a favourite game for this age, as demonstrated by my eldest when he was younger, "Hide and Seek", pretend and plenty of chatting. My third son showed his friend how to do hiding in the wardrobe. She was blown away by the idea and loved it! 

They talked about the plans to overthrow moving cars as they pretended to be superheroes with invincible might and built houses and covered trains out of chairs, blankets and mini sofas. 

Friendship Being Built

At the park, the energetic fellows continued in the simplicity of nature and had a blast on the swings, playground equipment and sand with one another. The time spent was simply one word, "Awesome"! It was an ordinary day made extraordinary by playing. Look at the smiles on their faces, I loved capturing these moments. 

Just Being In Nature Is Extraordinary Enough. Thank You God for the Smiles and Fun

Thanks for reading. 


pc said...

It looks fun to me! And this is definitely worth to blog and keep;).

The Singapore Writing Homemaker said...

Thanks Pclee ! :)

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