Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Kindness at the zoo

This is the second time I am recording kindness. In recording everything beautiful, this is a deed which I am thankful for. It makes the world a better place. 

I was doing my time alone with my youngest child in the morning at the zoo. To my surprise, there were many people. We decided to leave the zoo at about 1240pm so that we could be in time for my other 3 children to be in the house.

As we were walking towards the tram, we saw a long queue. It was not good.

Waiting in front of us were a big group of preschoolers and a couple (a dad with his daughter). 

We felt a sense of relief as the tram pulled up. 

However, there were not many seats as very few alighted. Being with a toddler with pram made it more challenging as usual. I was appreciative when this man in front of us gave me his helping hand.   

We gave it a try for seats in the second cabin. 

As the preschoolers came around from the first cabin without seats, the man stood to give up his seats without hesitation. This time I felt really guilty as I thought we should have done it. We were the last in the queue. 

Javaris had been so kind! I was not sure if I got his name correct but I was very grateful indeed! In case you are wondering, yes I had his permission to publish this. Thank you again Javaris! :)

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Christy Wong said...

Such kindness makes our day! It's a good role modeling for our children :)

The Singapore Writing Homemaker said...

Thanks Christy for dropping by ! I'm so glad to have found another Singaporean mom blogger friend. Your family looks lovely !

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