Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Chinese New Year Craft: How To Make A Mini Pussy Willow Display Decoration

This year, I had a wonderful opportunity to share something about Chinese New Year with the children at the school again. 

As I was shopping for a vase for my own pussy willow in the house, I was inspired to let the children make a mini one to take home with them.

A Typical Pussy Willow Display at Home
The materials needed were inexpensive and could easily be obtained at Spotlight for the cups, a local Hdb shop in Toa Payoh near Prime Gym for the stickers and other decorative items, decorative stones and pebbles sold at Daiso Plaza Singapura for only $2 and pussy willows obtained at any local nursery such as Far East Flora or Chinatown. 

Pussy Willow Crafts
Pussy willow sticks cut into small sections

Stickers with Chinese blessing words
Stickers with Chinese blessing words

Pussy Willow Branches from Far East Flora Nursery
Pussy Willow Branches sold at Far East Flora Nursery

Materials you will need:

1. Pussy willow sticks cut into small sections (see picture above)
2. Decorative stones or pebbles
3. Empty transparent cups
4. Stickers with Chinese blessing words (see picture above)
5. Small Chinese hanging ornaments 
6. Various colored puffed up pipe cleaners 

First, you put the pussy willow in the transparent cup. Pour the stones and decorative pebbles into the cup. Stick the stickers on the front of the cup - "vase". Decorate the pussy willow with the various colored puffed up pipe cleaners and hanging ornaments. Tip: You could also hang ornaments made from red packets. I will share these in separate blog posts. 

The craft is simple and the children loved it. I have shared some children's works as examples. 

Mini Pussy Willow Art Display

Kids and Pussy Willow Crafts

Children and Pussy Willow Crafts

Pussy Willow Mini Craft

Mini Pussy Willow Craft

Check out these other Chinese New Year crafts and ushered in a new and prosperous Lunar New Year for your family! :)

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