Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Remembering Mr Lee Kuan Yew

Mr Lee Kuan Yew was a remarkable leader. He was the first Prime Minister of Singapore. According to New York Times, "his leadership was criticized for suppressing freedom, but the formula succeeded. Singapore became an admired international business and financial center." 

His death was truly a loss to our nation. 

After he died, I did what me as a mother could do. To teach my children the idea of gratitude and to impart them the lessons from Mr Lee for the many more days to come. 

S painted a big painting with the help of Haroobee Fusionpolis, teacher Steve. She took more than 3 hours to complete this piece of art. The canvas was big and required delicate tedious dotting with a section of Mr Lee's portrait overlooking prosperous Singapore. With limited linguistic and artistic talents, D made a Singapore flag out of clay. W painted colourful rainbows with train stickers, pipe cleaners and glue. D Junior looked on as his older siblings made their tributes. The single most important result of their activities was the thoughts for Mr Lee which went on during the exercises. As I queued up in line to pay my last respects for Mr Lee, I saw many like-minded mothers doing the same teaching. It was heartening to watch.

Painting Tribute by S

Clay Tribute To Mr Lee Kuan Yew by D

Art Tribute by 4 Year Old W

So much went on throughout the week for the adults and in the childrens' school. Adding to the children's limited past experiences, which comprises largely of play and learning, they made up an impression of Mr Lee which I could only drop my jaws at. I corrected them and added more accurate ones to their young minds. Most importantly, what needed to be done and taught.

As a mother, I wish for them to hold an attitude of gratitude and to remember the generations who had gone before us.

Penning down my thoughts about the passing of this remarkable leader, I could not believe that I was crying for someone whom I have never met or known in my life. 

It was a sad week for all Singaporeans but yet Mr Lee made us even more thankful to the people who are living around us and to friends from the other nations. 

Life is short and yes, indeed, we should remember, treasure and love

Thank you Mr Lee and Goodbye. 

Queue to pay respects to Mr Lee built up rapidly across the Parliament - 25 Mar 2015, Wedsnesday, 12:10pm 

A beautiful tribute made by Temasek Primary School, spotted on the grounds of The Parliament

Massive Outpour of Admiration and Gratitude to Mr Lee at one of the Tribute Sites

Love from the people of Singapore for Mr Lee at the Istana

Massive display of artistic talents and gratitude from Singaporeans


It was gloomy and rainy. People gathered along the streets to wave their final goodbye to Mr Lee.  

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