Tuesday, May 12, 2015

25 Composition Phrases For Expressing Feelings

April is the month in which the pupils here start their First Semestral Assessment. In creative writing, my eldest son needs a lot of help even though he had come a long way from Primary 1 (Grade1 equivalent). He received no tuition except for my sporadic coaching.

A competitive society breeds competitive children. I love it but I believe even more in  balancing competitiveness with massive amounts of love showered through chat and outdoor time. 

This year, I discover that I should try to get him to memorize 3 words or these phrases for each common feeling. Why 3 only? Because he could only cope with 3. 

I selected the more generic ones and the simplest to use and memorise. They are therefore not necessarily, the best. My son had also given his input towards which ones he was able to memorize. 

Everything was done in a whirlwind and very last minute to crash learn good phrases. As a result, these could be super easy, generic and hopefully effortless to remember. Beforehand, we spent time entirely on writing practices and had zero memory sessions. 


1. Her face lit up as her eyes widened.

2. My mind was whirling in excitement.

3. We set off in high spirits.


1. Her face lit up with a smile immediately.

2. Overjoyed, ....

3. My parents were not just pleased with my results. They were over the moon! ..


1. She was hopping mad.

2. My face turned red with fury.

3. ... glared at him with bulging eyes... 


1. .. fidgeted restlessly in his seat as he waited impatiently ..

2. My heart pounded hard and fast as every step took me nearer ...

3. Panic-stricken, ...


1. My heart sank.

2. Her head hung low and her shoulders stooped.

3. looked / voice was forlorn


1. She lowered her eyes, visibly embarrassed.

2. My face turned as red as beetroot..

3. Face turned lobster-red


I heaved a sigh of relief as the dismissal bell rang.


1. Tears welled up in her eyes as .. 

2. It broke my heart .. 

3. Her eyes reddened and turned moist


1. To my astonishment, ...

2. My eyes widened and my jaw dropped.

3. .. gasped .. 

Thank you for reading :) 

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