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How to Organize a 4 year old Plants vs Zombies birthday

It was a 4 year old birthday party. Thinking of a theme along the child's interest was not hard. However, bringing the Plants vs Zombies theme alive was challenging.

As always, the incredible resources and numerous talents on the internet were countless. I spent some time researching and deciding which characters to replicate and put to life and have two special websites to thank: Little Bird Celebration and Karas Party Ideas.

At the party, we had a bouncy castle, a caricaturist, a magician for the party and were blessed by the sunny weather. Before the party, the older children brainstormed several games of which we picked three to execute. 

Bouncy Castle

They were "Shoot the Zombie", "Pin the eyes on the Sunflower" and "Plants vs Zombies Treasure Hunt". Our idea was to open the eyes of the sunflower so the children could garner power and strength to locate all the zombies during treasure hunt. The children also had fun using green balls mimicking green peas to shoot the zombies on the wall. 

As the weather was good, the children had fun scootering and even roller blading around the condominium compounds. At the end of the party, each child was given a sunflower potting gift as the goody bag.

Close up of the goody pot. I love the corn bomb and pea-shooter!
The Goody Pot
To learn the execution, check these out.

1. Aunty Yochana was able to bake a lovely PvZ birthday cake for us, 

2. Edwin from Emagical blessed us with a memorable magic show and caricaturist 

Magic Show by Edwin from eMagical

3. Our in-house games in charge, Tan Kosin and Dale Teyu fully entertained the young children for almost 45 minutes.

The guests were especially amazed by the talents shown by them. They were young but the passion and zest was immense. Not only did they help the magician in performing special acts, the little ones listened to Dale's instructions on the games intently. 

Our popular young games coordinator full of zest and passion
Our popular young games coordinator full of zest and passion

A few tips on where to get the supplies:-

1. Decorations, table cloth and the chalk display signs, oval/circle shaped paper for making the signs and stickers for inscribing the words at Spotlight at Plaza Singapura Level 5 and Artfriend at Bras Basah Complex

2. Pink noodles for creating Slurpy Brain spaghetti noodles at J-mart at The Star Vista Level 1 in Buona Vista

3. Designer straws at Monoyono at Raffles City Basement 1.

4. Brain Juice and Jelly cups at Tott Store

5. Sunflower seeds and pots at Far East Flora Queensway Branch

6. Rental of Bouncy Castles at Sg bouncing Castles

7. Printing of A2 size posters - zombies for decorations, treasure hunt game cards and invites at One Stop Docutech in Coronation Plaza

These are some pictures of our preparations and what went on. 

Plants vs zombies, food signs, stencils, party, pvz
Drawing the signs with the stencils
Goodies pots
Goodies sunflower pots. We played pretend by putting the food signs into the pots

Thank you for coming. Grow Sunflowers. Protect your brains.
Thank you for coming. Grow Sunflowers. Protect your brains. 

Goodies, goodies, goodies

Food signs. Look at the type of food in relation to the theme.
Food signs. Look at the type of food in relation to the theme.
Write to us if you wanna to know who came up with it ?

Fluffy Decorations. Get them from Spotlight.
Fluffy Decorations. Get them from Spotlight.

Get these from Raffles City B1 or The Children's Showcase at Cluny Court
From Raffles City B1 or The Children's Showcase at Cluny Court

Brain Slurpee. Corn Bomb. Zombie Eyes. Sunflower Centrepiece
Table Centrepiece. Brain Slurpee. Corn Bomb. And Zombie Eyes.

Yummy Zombie Wings! pvz , plant vs zombies
Yummy Zombie Wings!
Thats all for now and remember to share!

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