Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Kids' Projects: Making a talk show

Learning oral has never been more fun when the children enjoyed making their first radio production with their private tutor, Ms Ng. 

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Ms Ng had been an outstanding teacher coaching GEP students as well as being a private teacher in various schools and large local education establishments such as Mind Stretcher and so forth. 

She is a Christian herself and recently made learning more fun and practical by creating and trying new methods of engaging the kids. 

The name of the production - "Teens Talk Only" tells all.

This new format of learning brings about numerous benefits namely:

1. Introducing a practical element to traditional oral teaching method; 
2. Bringing relevance to the oral examinations aspect; 
3. Demonstrating real change to our local education methodology;
4. Injecting fun and creativity to students' thinking processes;
5. Thereupatic introduction to current affairs topics to children;
6. Encouraging views and opinions from students in order to develop critical thinking skills;

Steps to creating the kids' project are simple:
1. Engagement of a good tutor or mentor with Creative disposition; 
2. Wise selection of discussion topics based on latest trends and topics of learning;
3. Use of recorder on your iPhone or ipad

Try it and have fun!!  

Credit: Production mediator and inventor, Ms Ng. 

First production:

Bike sharing and healthy living

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