Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Kids' Mental Health Caring

BuzzFeed's latest post, "It's time to talk about mental health"  is the latest popular post which have been shared by millions. 

Those who have yet to watch the video should do so and indeed, why do we have to keep mum about topic on mental health? 

I like to link its relevance to parents and educators to watch out for signs not only for ourselves, people around us but also our kids and to think of ways which could educate and perhaps even share with them this topic of taboo. 

Many times, as parents or educators, we take care of our children through talking to them on how they should care for their bodies, physical health by choosing the right foods, exercising, cleanliness and growing up stages. We also speak to them about caring for their emotional being by teaching them values, how to behave well socially, and soft skills which they can equip themselves so they can grow up healthily with knowledge of how to support their emotional well being. 

But do we watch out for signs on their mental well-being and link the importance of this to their growing up journey?

Indeed, it is timely to start doing this and  Buzzfeed's video about this topic of taboo deserves a thumbs up for parent and educators to think and talk about. 

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