Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Topic of Kindness

The topic of kindness has always been preached by educators, especially mums.

Being a stay at home mum, this is definitely one of the values I teach my children.

Today, I received a dose of kindness when my "number 3" child played by himself at the gym while I went to get dinner at the food court. 

He would sometimes nosebleed, but never when I'm not around. I found that out only when I was back. Two experienced mums surrounded him as one of them held out tissue to press on his nose bridge. I'm ever so touched when I saw this. Not only because my son was the "victim" but also because I just received a kind message from my friend, Kenny Ng.

"Wealthy Christians can honor Christ especially by being humble, generous and godly while being wealthy. Poor Christians can honor him especially by being contented, full of faith, generous and godly while being poor. " 

These two ladies were just exhibiting the qualities of being generous to a child whom they didn't know! How kind that was!! 

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