Sunday, August 3, 2014

A gift of thankfulness - our flower among the thorns

My daughter has always been the easiest to manage. She helps out with the house chores, takes care of her young brothers, her pet fishes and even settles disputes for me among the boys. My rest of the children are boys and there is only 1 princess. Boys don't listen well and are big headaches. They are fun and sporty but never meant to take instructions from the ladies.

My daughter is different from the usual girls. I never quite brought her up like that but she is grateful, always appreciates everything that she has and is extremely careful with everything that belongs to her - parents, siblings, friends and every other thing. She takes good care of her possessions and gives careful thoughts for the feelings of others. 

Friday was her birthday. She deserves everything that she asks for - a birthday party. I am hardly a mother who wants to spend so much on a party. However, I also like them to know that they are special on their special days. Given that I have 4, it would be quite tiring and expensive to throw parties for 4 every year. Therefore I have to work a plan for them to take turns.  It also teaches them the important skill of sharing - a benefit that my family enjoys very often. 

This year is her turn. 

We had a fun party at Kidsstop - a new offering by the Singapore Science Centre Board. She had a blast of time with her friends. There were the usual exhibits outside for the children to explore, games organized for the children and a science demo suitable for this age group of children. There were however many hiccups. First, the organizer didn't confirm with me the number of guests which I have, then they totally forgot about the food that I asked for a month ago before the party ! This was a heart attack. How can I have no food for my guests? At 3pm one day before, luckily, I found a caterer who could accomodate my request. The timing for the party was also not as I was told earlier. They did however, compensate us with an extension of the time of playing for our guests at a second session. Sofia and the girls thankfully didn't notice anything amiss and enjoyed the whole party. It was suitable for their age group and the science demonstration stimulated their brain cells. When the children were younger, it was always the free play and free running in the playground, so Kidsstop was still a good choice of party venue given their inexperience in events handling. Our princess was really happy about everything. She opened her presents happily at home, arranging them meticulously so as to send her friends a thank you note. She also planned when to use each of her presents carefully and kept them orderly in her room. 

We were happy for her as parents, for we know, this is what money can't buy - a precious gift of thankfulness. 

Praise The Lord! 

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