Friday, March 13, 2015

Review of The Landmark Forum: Getting freedom throughout life

Five weekends ago, I attended the weirdest but most extraordinary course that I have ever experienced in my life. I salute to its creators and thought it is a forum worth exploring to those who have never tried it. The impact on me was so great that I had to share it on my blog. Throughout the 3 days, a forum leader guided us through its key ideas through only conversation. 

Photo credit: The Landmark Forum

This forum caused several "roller coaster" emotional turmoils in most participants with the last being the most exhilarating. The course facilitator himself did not seem to be spared of his emotional turmoils either. Most of the concepts covered were not new but to experience it in a way of a forum was very refreshing. It was only to be understood by the participant himself.

The forum covered relevant concepts in life and used creative exercises to help take the understanding of their participants to the next level. One of the exercises which I liked was the question which required us to think about something which we resisted and then said it out in a way which we wanted to. Each one of us experienced a different kind of result. But the freedom and self expression opportunities became more obvious. 

Many of them attended the forum with  little or no expectation of what they would get. Most seemed to be satisfied at the end of the session. 

For me, not expecting results was what I thought it would be but the actual impact happened only on Monday, 1 day after the forum. I could see myself transformed into someone who could relate powerfully. The children loved the new me and our conversations were engaging  according to my eldest who was only 10 year old. Sustainability was the part I would like to find out.

In fact, the idea of "being trapped" in a room for 3 days discussing and experiencing life was the most ridiculous yet most powerful tool which the forum used. For this, I did not like. However, I could perfectly see its relevance now. 

I experienced life in its highest order - through conversation. 

Many things which I took away with me included friendship, skeptism of humans and the need for compassion and generousity among people. Conversation topped the most important and relevant tool to engage people in this forum.

New ideas of life which could be embedded into Landmark in the form of other forums include discussion of endless topics about life. For one, the most important one would be to promote the use of core values in our life to generate success in life. It could be sharing, generosity and emphathy which must be emphasized to all graduates of Landmark forum. I could truly see the transformation of each and every participant at the end of the session but without these core values at the root of this discussion, one could not possibly achieve power. If he does, it would only in the poorest form. I could see sharing being one of the concepts emphasized throughout the forum and truly admire. I also saw a certain amount of gratitude and respect displayed occasionally during the forum. 

I would highly recommend those who read this blog to attend and try the forum for yourself. 

have received no payment or acknowledgement for the writing of this article. All views written are purely the personal opinion of The Singapore Writing Homemaker. 

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