Monday, July 21, 2014

Writing and its intentions

Writing provokes thinking. Keep writing and you will find the joy in the art.

I've been blessed with being surrounded by people who are high achievers. My husband is one of them and many parents whom I know in the school, as well as those in my church. A few of them are CEOs and many are opinionated and have a love for life. 

Because of my background, I'm also humbled by those in my early part of life. These people are disappointed and ended up with a lack of love for life and the things that they do. Life in Singapore and most advanced cities is fast paced and often leaves behind the slower ones. Through writing, I learn to appreciate the beauty of life and the natural calm state of myself. I enjoy the beauty of watching those around me and penning it down with the hope of lifting those who read. 

Technology could revolutionize writing  but never to replace the original intention of writing - to share thought provoking ideas, hopefully the positive and uplifting ones. 

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And have a great day!


L Lee said...

Totally agree! Keep writing and adding to the positivity and inspiration our society so needs. :)

The Singapore Writing Homemaker said...

Thank you Lee for the encouragement :))

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