Monday, July 21, 2014

Kids' Project: How To Make Eraser Blades

My eldest had been in the beyblade craze since 5. I always thought it had long been over until now. 

It is super easy to make and very fun. You could use the spinners to challenge each other and they are easy to bring along. 

These eraser blades are also sturdy and last a while! 

You will need only:
An Eraser
A Stapler

Using the pictures below as assistance (they show the front and back of the eraser blades), use the stapler to push the staplers into the eraser.
You could design any sort of eraser blades and see if yours could outmatch your opponent's. The one shown is the easiest to make. To play, hold your eraser blade at the sides with both your hands and spin your hands in opposite direction. 
Go ahead and enjoy this new game!

And have a great day!

     (Bottom of the eraser blade)

     (Top of the eraser blade) 

    (This eraser blade has nothing on top)

     (This is the bottom of the second eraser blade. Notice the design at the centre)

This is a video of how you could spin your eraser blade. Note its spinning power given only 3 simple staplers. More could be done to observe the difference in strength.

Have fun with yours!


Adora Tan said...

What a cool handmade toy! I remember my younger siblings playing with erasers too ;) thanks for linking up!

The Singapore Writing Homemaker said...

Thanks Adora for hosting the link up!

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