Monday, December 15, 2014

Would you play jigsaws? Review on puzzles from Learnwell

Would you play jigsaw? Our children always do. 

This is a review on 2 popular jigsaws which we received from Learnwell recently. 

We have already owned plenty and seen many of them. How different would these ones be?

When we received the new puzzles, we felt elated yet unsure. Puzzles have always been popular with our children but would they hold the children's interest? On the surface, they do look similar to the wooden puzzles which we have already seen in the stores, except for the shape and pictures. Little did we know that they would provide almost 2 hours of fun for the entire family. 

The children were extremely excited, as usual with new toys or games. 

The truck puzzle was a big hit with the younger boys. It has many vehicles with bright colours! We could talk about the trucks even before tearing off the plastic package. 

We were told that the puzzles were not easy to attempt so we were not surprised when the 2 year old walked away with only one attempt. 4 year old, W however did better. He took 30 minutes to solve the puzzle.

The real fun began when D, the eldest and a 9 year old, got his hands on the game. 

We were impressed that even a 9 year old could be entertained. He did not normally get interested in toys meant for 3 year old+

It was definitely exciting to watch the household of 6 going around, each taking turns to have their hands at the puzzle. 

After a good 45 minutes of fun and tenacity, we moved on to our next challenge, supposedly harder than the first.

You could tell straightaway that this jigsaw puzzle, complete with curved shaped fishes was harder. Few puzzles on the market are round shaped. The number of ways to fit the jigsaw is hugely increased by the curves of the fishes. Thus more thinking is involved. Kudos to the inventor of the puzzle, who is probably a Jew. 

This puzzle comes from Israel. Well, although we are not sure if a Jew is involved in the making of this puzzle, but we know for sure Jews is one of the major ethnic groups in Israel and are very intelligent. Read Jews and their intelligence

Now back to the game.. For this particular puzzle, D gave up after working 25 minutes on it. 

It was truly not easy.  

Showtime for the adults! Lady M had her trial and she was only starting to get 2 pieces in after a 10-minutes trial. D could not admit defeat and "yelled" to have another chance. Finally, he took 20 minutes to complete the first game and we all had a turn to try. The fun lasted almost an hour! It was not over as we kept the puzzles lying loose on the table. Both children and adult kept coming back to the puzzles, trying to fit the pieces together.

Our conclusion? Get both if you want a combination of easy and more challenging puzzles. These jigsaws are worth every dollar and are very unique. They are not the games which can be played only once and be forgotten. If you have never owned a puzzle, getting these is a must.

As compared to other wooden puzzles, these ones generated a longer play time for us. The younger children may not have the tenacity and patience to complete but if you kept them lying around, they would eventually succeed.  

Try getting these 2 awesome puzzles for your kiddos this Christmas. 

Read Singapore Writing Homemaker's disclosure policies to be clearer on how we conduct our reviews. Zero compensation was received for this one except for the free puzzles. Happy playing and enjoy this video.

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