Monday, March 28, 2016

Showering love for our children

Earlier I wrote an article about implementing parental control in response to an out of control teenager who acted without much thoughts about his actions on others. This article - Why few child prodigies grow up to be geniuses? is the exact opposite to the ideology of implementing rules and controls for a child. 

Raising a creative child is indeed as Grant described "may be hard to nurture, but it's easy to thwarted". To each and every individual has his own talents. When we parent, we could only support to let each child's talent shine as he or she willsBeing a Christian Mother, I cannot be more thankful than to enjoy the abundant company of four healthy children. The emphasis of love in parenting is the most important ingredient to avoid thwarting creativity in a child and bringing up an out of control kid. 

It is that same love that we gave a child as a parent that we excel as a parent. We cannot give more to our children other than love. 

The immense role of parenting requires such delicate balance between implementing rules (control) and supporting a child with ample amount of love which only a full time dedicated mother could understand. 

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