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Virginia-beach-fire-station-21 : Fire Stations in Singapore

This post is inspired by Naoma of Ethanator Online: Virginia-beach-fire-station

After looking at the pictures of her son in a Fire Station in Virginia, I can't help but recall my visits of the Singapore Central Fire Station and Alexandra Fire Station with my young children in 2008.

I searched through my old photos and found these treasures. For the benefit of the local readers, I attach a link to the Singapore Civil Defence Force - visit to the fire stations to check out the opening details. 

Back then, I organized three to four playdate trips to the local fire stations with a lot of mothers. The response from families was overwhelming and it was a lot of fun. My children loved it and the firemen were proud to have us all. The boys were especially captivated by fire trucks and vehicles. And even for me as an adult, the experience was exciting. It was my first time to see a real fire truck with opportunities to sit on it, get on the platform ladder, be "swirled" around, wear the fireman suits, extinguish the fire and the best thing of all, do it with so many families. 

Our playdate back then
The firemen at the Alexandra Station were especially kind and warm to us. I remembered how they were so happy and proud that many people wanted to find out how they worked and it was a large group coming to see them. They got everything ready and took the time to explain every little detail of their work to us.  

I always wanted to visit the oldest Fire Station in Singapore. So even though my son had already visited Alexandra Fire Station thrice, I organised another playdate to the Central Fire Station. The firemen in Central fire station were very experienced with the public. As such, they did not give such an elaborate showing but it was still fun. 

Central Fire Station
Thank you Naoma for bringing up these wonderful memories I had with my children. Your pictures are awesome!

Watching the firemen slide down the pole

Queuing up for a ride on the fire truck's ladder

Try out a real water hose

Get on the real fire truck

Put on a real fireman costume

Watch a demo from the fireman to extinguish the fire

And try it out yourself!

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!


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