Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Kids' Project: How To Make Watermelon Juice Without a Blender

Recently, the kids had turned snacks time into a project.

They named it "How to Make Watermelon Juice Without The Use of A Blender".

A few benefits of this project:

1. Encourage bonding between the siblings 
2. Promote team work 
3. Enhance creativity. The children thought of creative methods to make the juice which they wanted without a blender. Projects created out of children's own initiatives are the best. 
4. Practise fine motor skills through mashing, scooping and pouring. 

Steps to do:

1. Eat the watermelon by scooping up to your fill

Kids' Project: Make Watermelon Juice

2. Scoop the balance of the watermelon onto a sieve

Scoop Watermelon onto sieve

3. Mash it up with a spoon or ladle

Mash Watermelon, Kids' Projects

And there you are, lots of watermelon juice without the use of a blender. 

Watermelon Juice

4. Lastly, pour this into a cup to drink.

Benefits of drinking watermelon juice

Benefits of drinking watermelon juice include:

1. Protection of the liver (Read Source Article Here)
2. Healing of muscles (Read Source Article Here)
3. Reduce risk of some cancers from the presence of antioxidants such as lycopene (Read Source Article Here) and
4. Better absorption of vitamins and minerals, thereby providing more nutrients as compared to eating in solid form. Watermelon contains potassium, B vitamins and vitamin A such as beta carotene.

Read more on benefits here:

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Thanks for reading ! 


Anonymous said...

Interesting! I wonder if my littlest would drink it as he is my picky-est. Thanks for sharing. :)

The Singapore Writing Homemaker said...

Haha.. Mine did drink all up. But it sure looks hmmm.. You know what I mean..

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