Saturday, July 26, 2014

Friendship and Humility

What should I write about today? There's been lots on my mind today as it's interaction day - Sunday in church and there are plenty of people for me to meet. I'm thinking about the children in the church, friends closer because of the cell group or those whom I have never spoken to or just recognized by face.

Mine is a small church so everyone knows everybody but the feeling of friendship is kind of weird. In a church where we are all taught the same principles, the feelings have to come off genuine in the end. 

People in my culture are mostly reserved and like to hide our feelings. It is boiled down to the reason that we have never been taught about such things when we were young. Yet when all the topics about kindness and love your neighbour as your own surfaces in the church, you need to reveal your true feelings at one point in time.  

In the church, we are mostly kind and we all share, well most. But the kind of people whom we subscribed to or shared with becomes grey and quite hard to understand until we "fight”.

Most people would understandably be attracted to people who are successful or to people who "looked" successful.  

Should we be friends with them? 

In the church community where everyone sees each other every week, we cannot walk away. 

in His miraculous ways to teach us the concept of friendship and humility. I am very grateful for this teaching. 

I am thankful also because it did not involve losing my loved ones, business or other more dreadful situations such as health or even death. 

What do you think? Drop me a comment. 

Bless us all!! 

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And have a great day!

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Melissa Matters said...

As I get older, I find friendships to be harder.

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